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This is a news template for blogspot. It is designed very meticulous and very beautiful. The interface is bright and it is designed to be compatible with any mobile device. This template is designed to help you get a beautiful template with the lowest cost. Take a look at the features and extensions below.VMagNews Beautiful Template for Blogspot News (Responsive Template)

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VMagNews Beautiful Template for Blogspot News (Responsive Template)
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VMagNews Beautiful Template for Blogspot News (Responsive Template)

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VMagNews when viewed on iphone 5
VMagNews when viewed on iphone 5

Please contact me for support nvdinh88@gmail.com
- Compatible with all mobile devices (Design responsive)
- Super fast loading speed and very good seo
- The bright color, beautiful graphics
- Friendly seo, all images have 2 alt and title attributes
- Compatible with many web browsers Firefox, Chrome, Opera ...
- Social networking widgets Facebook, Twitter, Pintester ...
- All pages are displayed professionally and paginated
- The interface is bright, the article is displayed according to individual categories
- There are many ad placement, optimized blog space
- FanPage widgets of facebook and many other features
- Most viewed articles
- Thread Comments
- Gadgets to subscribe to new articles and contact form

Template Style: Blogger
Designer: Nguyen Van Dinh
Mail: nvdinh88@gmail.com
Template Name: VMagNews
Website: www.Viettheme.Net

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